Eight years ago, Wildflower was brought to HSCC as a feral kitten. After getting her vaccinations and spay surgery, she had no place to go. The staff released her on the shelter property where she joined the other feral cats who live in managed colonies on shelter land.

However, unlike the other feral cats, Wildflower did not run off to stay in one of our feral shelters, but stayed nearby, each day getting closer and closer to the building. One day her curiosity became too much and she took a giant step (for a cat!) and walked through the door, never to leave HSCC again!

Shelter life has been very kind to Wildflower. If you’ve ever visited, she probably has been the first to greet you. She has mellowed with age, and now enjoys being petted and fussed over (just don’t pick her up!).

Over time, Wildflower has seen thousands of shelter cats come and go but knows there are always many more that need our help. For 2023, Wildflower has a wish: That EVERY cat that enters the shelter be adopted!

Can you help Wildflower achieve her wish?

For a sponsorship of $500 a month, every shelter cat’s adoption fee will be waived.* A shelter cat will have its forever home, because of you!

Interested in being a sponsor? Please contact Erin at erin@catawbahumane.org or call 828.464.8878 ext. 6 for more information.

*With an approved adoption application.