The last few years have been difficult for many reasons, and many pet owners continue to struggle to provide for their animals’ nutritional needs. It is heartbreaking to learn that one in four pet owners who surrender their pets to a shelter say it is because they cannot afford to care for them. By providing temporary food assistance, these pets can stay in a loving home.

Through our Pet Food Pantry, HSCC continues to offer free pet food to those in need, but sometimes we struggle to provide food to animals outside of our care. We rely on the generosity of our community members who donate food and supplies to augment our own supplies.

To be able to continuously offer food to pet owners in need, HSCC is offering a Pet Food Pantry Sponsorship program. For $300 per month, you or your business will be showcased as our PFP Sponsor with a special display at the shelter, as well as a shoutout on social media and in this newsletter! Your funds will be used to purchase additional food when our shelves are bare. What a wonderful way to say that you care for the pets in our community by helping owners that are desperately trying to keep their families together.

To be a Pet Food Pantry monthly sponsor, please email or call 828.464.8878 to reserve your month!