If you have issues with mice breaking into your food/grain storage or causing chaos in the garden consider a low-cost non-toxic option…hire a cat! The HSCC “Employ-A-Cat” program helps under-socialized felines, aka feral or community cats, find loving homes where they can earn their keep. These cats may be timid around humans but would make a terrific friend for a horse or goat. When you employ a cat from HSCC you are saving the life of a feline who cannot be adopted into a traditional home. It is important to realize that your new employee may or may not allow human contact.


Your feline employee will require a clean and dry shelter. This could be a barn, stable, garage, warehouse, or other location where they can escape predators. As with any pet you adopt it is your responsibility to provide clean water, food daily, and long-term veterinary care.

Included with Adoption

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery

  • One-year Rabies Vaccine

  • Ear Tip (a surgical notch on the ear to indicate a community cat has been altered)

If you are interested in offering employment to a feline fill out our working cat questionnaire below. Please allow 3-5 business days for our staff to review your submission. We will select a cat for you based on current shelter residents. Preference in gender will be taken into consideration based on availability. You will not be able to visit or spend time with your cat prior to adoption.