Pre-Surgical Instructions

    • DO NOT FEED your pet or allow access to food after 10:00 P.M. the night before. Water is permitted.


    • If your pet is only 8 weeks old, feed a small amount EARLY the morning of surgery. Tell us if you fed your pet.


    • Arrive at 8:00AM. Please wait to be checked in.


    • CATS need to be in individual travel carriers large enough for cat to lie down comfortably. Label the carrier with your pet’s name and your name. Line the carrier with newspaper. Please, no toys.


    • DOGS must be on leashes.


    • Prior to the surgery date, observe your pet closely for any signs of illness including sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing or any other unusual symptom. The veterinarian WILL NOT perform surgery on a pet that is showing signs of illness. Inform us of any known medical conditions such as PREGNANCY, RETAINED TESTICAL OR ALLERGIES.


    • If your pet is ill, lost or unable to be caught please call the clinic immediately to reschedule the surgery. If you do not have your pet anymore, please call the clinic to let us know. We will only reschedule for up to 2 months beyond your original surgery date. If you need to reschedule beyond that time, you will need to pay again.


    • PICK-UP is usually between 3:00PM – 5:30PM the day of surgery. Call our automated system (1-888-689-7392) at 3:00PM for an exact time for pick-up. Pick up on Mondays is usually 5:00PM.


    • Payment for additional medical procedures and/or medications is expected at pick-up.


    • We DO NOT have space for overnight stays.


    • Information about post-operative care will be provided at pick-up.


    • If a rabies vaccination was administered, please make sure you receive the tag and certificate.


    • Call your regular veterinarian to inform them of the surgery, vaccinations given and any other health issues. You may be advised to schedule a follow-up visit with your regular veterinarian- do so as soon as possible and take your pet’s records that are provided to you after the surgery. It is important that you keep all of your pet’s records.


    • Dogs over 100 pounds are subject to an additional fee ($10-25) which needs to be paid at time of pick-up.


    • Please be sure your pet has been treated for fleas. Cats or dogs infested with fleas will be treated by Foothills and you will be charged $15 for this service.


    • Animals that are pregnant at the time of surgery will be spayed and the pregnancy will be terminated without prior notification to you. There will be an additional charge for animals that were pregnant at the time of surgery. This charge is due at pick up.


If you must re-schedule your surgery, do so immediately. NO REFUNDS.
** INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: Please call (888)689-7392 after 6am for weather related delays or closing information.