hopefund6In May of 2002 the Hickory Daily Record ran a front page story on an abandoned cat that had been injured to the extent of losing both of her back legs and tail while struggling to move and protect her kittens. Due to her determination to save her kittens, Humane Society of Catawba County (HSCC) made the decision to go ahead with the necessary surgery to save her life and named her Hope. The cost of the treatment in 2002 was $400.00, which was a tremendous undertaking for a non-profit animal welfare organization. The newspaper article brought in over $4,000.00 which paid Hope’s medical costs and established “The Hope Fund”. This fund, on an annual basis, allows HSCC to provide critical care for animals that have been injured or require extensive care once they arrive at HSCC.

Each year HSCC holds “The Hope Fund Gala” to help replenish the much needed funds so this important work can continue.

To date “The Hope Fund” has paid for hundreds of shelter animals to receive treatment for: Heartworms, essential eye removal surgery for infected eyes, x-rays, amputation of limbs and many other tests, treatments or medications.

Below are some of the many animals who have benefited from “The Hope Fund” over the years and gone on to find forever homes.

Ophelia Bayler1 Booker
Annie1 Tiger Cyrus
Bali Be Mine Olivia
Cotton Tulip2 071714

Although each year’s gala raises thousands of dollars for “The Hope Fund”, there is always more HSCC could do. If you would like to make a donation and help the shelter animals needing extensive care in the coming year, either donate today through our website or send a donation to P.O.Box 63, Hickory, NC 28603 and mark your donation, “The Hope Fund”.