FAQ: Surgery & Services

What is the cost to have my pet spayed or neutered?
The cost to have your pet spayed or neutered depends on the sex, age and size of the pet. Foothills Clinic at Humane Society of Catawba County is a non-profit organization that provides low cost rates so we can make a difference in euthanasia rates and unwanted births in our community. We do not make a profit from surgeries performed. View Pricing
Who will perform my pet’s surgery?
NC state law mandates a licensed veterinarian, with the North Carolina State Veterinary Board, perform surgery.
Can any pet owner use Foothills Spay/ Neuter Clinic?
Yes, our clinic is open to anyone with a pet that needs our services.
How long will I have to wait to get an appointment?
We usually can schedule your appointment approximately 1-2 weeks out.
If I need to schedule an appointment for 2 or more pets, can they can scheduled on the same day?
Yes. We will strive to give you a convenient appointment date.
How old should my pet be before it can have surgery?
Most pets can be spayed or neutered when they are 12 weeks of age or over 3lbs in weight. Pets sterilized before they reach maturity are typically healthier. Surgery can be performed during a female’s heat cycle. Surgery can be performed when a female is pregnant.
For the safety of older pets our veterinarian requires a full panel blood test before scheduling or performing surgery. This is required for all pet 6 years+.
Full panel blood test is available at Foothills Clinic for $50.00.
Can you give my pet vaccines (shots) while they are there?
Yes. We offer vaccines to clients on the day their pet is here for surgery.

We do not offer any other veterinary services.

Do you use anesthesia?
Yes. The comfort and safety of the animal is always a priority to us. Our patients receive anesthetic monitoring via pulse oximetry which measures heart rate and oxygen levels.
Do you administer pain medication to my animal?
Yes. An injectable form of pain medication is given to all animals prior to surgery which lasts 4-6 hours after surgery. You may purchase an additional 3-days of pain medication to take home for your pet from our clinic.
What is the usual recovery period?
The recovery period is 7-10 days. You need to restrict your pet’s activity and keep him/her indoors. You also need to watch their incision closely. You will receive a complete list of post-op instructions when you pick up your pet.
Does my pet have stitches?
Unless you are told otherwise, your pet does not have external sutures. All internal sutures are absorbed. The very outer layer of skin is held together with surgical glue. If you are told that your pet has skin sutures or staples he/she will need to return in 7-20 days to have those removed. Male cats do not have any sutures.
Should I worry if my pet is licking its incision site?
Yes. This could cause the wound to re-open and become infected. Foothills Clinic recommends your pet wear an “Elizabethan or E collar” during the whole recovery period to prevent licking. These can be purchased from the clinic for $8.00.
Can you microchip my animal?
Yes. Microchipping is available to all clients scheduled for spay/ neuter surgery. We also offer microchips to walk in clients at Humane Society of Catawba County, Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. – 4p.m. No appointment is necessary.
How do I schedule an appointment?
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of major credit cards (except American Express), debit cards, check or cash. All services must be pre-paid. A cancellation fee of $25.00 will be charged for any cancelled surgery.
Will my pet get fat and lazy after it is spayed or neutered?
Lack of exercise and overfeeding makes a pet fat and lazy, not spaying or neutering. In addition sterilization has no effect on intelligence. Most pets tend to be more gentle and affectionate. They become less interested in other animals and want to spend more time with their family.